A true gem in the world of jewellery

The name of ‘Orient Jewellery’ has become synonymous with trust, authenticity, progressiveness, grandeur and excellence. One of the most coveted jewellery brands in the northern fringes of the state have seen generations since its inception in 1963, yet it has remained contemporary competing with the best in today’s era. The success recipe of this ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company lies in its honesty and integrity to live up to the expectations of its vast clientele, both in terms of product quality and service.

It has been charming countless households with its relentless supply of elegant ornaments and gemstones, adhering to both the intricately traditional designs as well as the eye-catching and lightweight jewellery patterns.

With an eternal quest for the best, the brand has artistically crafted its jewel pieces that gel well with any occasion. Be it a marriage reception or a birthday party or an official get-together, Orient’s array of offerings is a must for one and all. Designs crafted with sublime dedication, creativity and precision take every jewellery to a different league.

What’s unique always stands out

A ‘good reputation’ is a journey and not a destination. It requires a constant nurturing of all the good practices that separate a brand from its competitors. Orient Jewellers constantly introspects on its business ethics and the ‘modus operandi’ to remain contemporary as well as trustworthy. And this remains the ‘X-factor’ behind the brand’s overall acceptance among its well-wishers. Orient Jewellers have always resorted to an uncompromising stance to uphold the 5 pillars of its strong foundation, since inception.

And the growth story continues

Orient Jewellers have expanded inch by inch over the years. A vision that evolved way back in 1963 seems blooming with opportunities and positivity today. It really feels great while looking at the milestones surpassed, gradually. Starting off with the first outlet at Raiganj in 1963, the brand has branched out with more such showrooms with time. And many more are on the anvil!

RAIGANJ 12 February 1963
SILIGURI 02 October 2013
BALURGHAT 25 December 2015
ISLAMPUR 26 February 2017
DHUPGURI 14 October 2017
JALPAIGURI 8 April 2018
KALIYAGANJ 11 August 2021